The Extended Seven Journeys Family

Our Current Roster of Global Lifestyle Travelers

We cast a wide net for the talent who takes part in our shows. We use a social media-based casting model, so you are just as likely to wind up on the road with us via Facebook, Travel Buddy or Viral Video submission.

Nora Dunn
In 2006, Nora Dunn–a.k.a. The Professional Hobo–sold everything she owned (including a successful financial planning practice) to seize her dreams of traveling the world. In the last four years, she has traveled through and lived in 15 countries...and counting! With dozens of creative budget travel techniques and a location independent writing career, Nora travels full-time in a financially sustainable manner. You can learn more about Nora's adventures at
Kole Kerr
We crossed paths with Kole in Budapest where he was working as a bike messenger in between jaunts throughout Eastern Europe, England, Canada, and points between. There's not much he hasn't done, and there's not much he won't do. Life isn't some vainglorious pursuit for Kole, but simply the ever-present effort to thrive, survive, and stay alive. His philosophy about travel is simple: moving through the world undistracted by ambition, restless hopes, fanciful dreams, what other choice is there than to live, work, and sleep in every variation proffered?
Helena Stromberg
Helena turned up on a recent trip to Paris and she had such a great spirit that we asked her to join our journey on the spot ... she was just crazy enough to accept.

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If you answered yes to most of those questions, we'd love to hear from you.